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Bluetooth headphones are the way of the future for anyone who wants to listen on the go, but they can be really expensive. That's not good for me because I often forget my headphones are in my pocket and wash them or leave them somewhere when I've been listening to music. I do try, but I'm kind of hopeless! I don't have heaps of money, so I need to find decent headphones that don't cost the earth. This blog is all about finding the right bluetooth headphones for your budget and lifestyle. I hope you find it useful when buying headphones.


Choosing the Right PA System for Your Event

26 March 2015
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A Public Address system has the basic components found in all sound reinforcement equipment. These are the pickup audio device, an amplifier for boosting transmitted signals as well as a loudspeaker which converts the signals to actual sound waves. When you are hosting an event, it is vital to choose the system that will meet your specific requirements. Here are some simple guidelines to help you make an ideal selection. Read More …