How to Position Your A/V System to Make Lockdown More Bearable

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How to Position Your A/V System to Make Lockdown More Bearable

13 October 2020
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Most people have been in some form of lockdown this year and have learned to entertain themselves at home. People may be spending so much time in front of the TV and may have binge-watched so many new series that they're in the mood for an equipment upgrade. If you are in this position, you may want to get a new flatscreen TV and a state-of-the-art audio system, but how do you configure it correctly for maximum effect?

Theatre Experience

If you want to enjoy that next blockbuster properly, you need to make it a true audiovisual experience. There are many high-quality televisions available that can certainly take care of the visual element in high-definition. Yet you will need to pair this piece of equipment with the best-quality speakers you can find and make sure that they are properly positioned in your viewing room.


Ideally, you should have a separate TV room (or home theatre) so that you can take care of the acoustics as needed. You will want to avoid as much reverberation as possible and break up any bare walls or floors as needed.


Whether you have your own room or are configuring a traditional living space, place the seats or sofa directly in the middle and at a comfortable distance from the big screen. Buy the highest-quality audio system you can find and make sure that it has surround sound and a separate subwoofer.

Speaker Stands

You should also buy good-quality stands that have the correct amount of insulation and make sure that your speakers are placed so that they are at the same level as your ears when you are correctly seated.

Speaker Placement

Put the main speaker directly in front of you, below or above the television. Place the other speakers on their stands to the left and right of the entertainment centre, with each speaker angled approximately 45° inward. Do not place the rear speakers too close to the back of your seating area.

Always leave space between each speaker and the surrounding wall as this will help with projection. Put the subwoofer a few metres away from a corner in front of you, and make sure that it is placed on an absorbent material if the floor is bare. If you position this speaker correctly, you will avoid unwanted echoes and vibration.

Dialling in

You may have to "tweak" the position of your main speakers so that they are angled correctly when the audience is seated. This will be up to the individual taste, but to do this exercise, you should run a familiar track on repeat. Then, move the speaker position and angle by a centimetre or two each time the track repeats until you are perfectly happy.

Placing Your Order

Talk with your audiovisual consultant. They will help you to get the highest-quality speaker system to augment your viewing pleasure.

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