How to Create an Effective Video Introduction to Your Business

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How to Create an Effective Video Introduction to Your Business

27 October 2016
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Video marketing is quickly growing in popularity, and with good reason. Including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent, so it's a great way to boost sales online or encourage potential clients to get in touch with you.

Creating video can seem prohibitively expensive, but that's actually not the case. While hiring a production company can be costly, it's completely possible to create a professional, effective business video yourself. The steps below will give you everything you need to know to create the perfect video introduction.

Write a script

This doesn't need to be a Hollywood masterpiece; you just need a basic idea of what your video will include. It's advisable to keep videos short, less than one minute in length, as viewers will often lose interest in longer videos.

You should write down the main facts that you want to convey to your viewer. These will include what your business does, what makes you unique and how customers can get in touch. You might also like to show off your industry expertise or highlight a recent case study.

Talking directly to camera works well in video introductions and helps build a feeling of trust and intimacy with the customer. You might also like to include some shots of other aspects of your business, like your premises, a best-selling product or examples of previous work. Make a note of these in your script, or create small sketches of how the shots will look, considering angle, zoom and framing.

Hire equipment

Hiring professional equipment will make a big difference to the quality of your video. You should choose a video camera that shoots in high definition and comes with an intelligent automatic mode. This saves you having to worry about editing settings and will work well in most everyday situations.

Hiring a tripod is essential, as shaky, handheld footage looks amateur and will have viewers switching off in seconds. A clip-on microphone is a good choice if you're planning to speak directly to camera during the video. It will clip to your clothing and capture high-quality, targeted sound without any unwanted background noise.

Contact a business that offers video camera hire for specific tips on what to rent.

Choose a location

Picking the right location for your video is key. You should avoid anywhere that's too loud, as it will be impossible for viewers to hear what you're saying. A well lit room will look best, and filming in natural daylight will prevent the video from looking dark and dingy. Whether it's the inside of your office, shop or restaurant, your surroundings should look clean and tidy. This video should sell every aspect of your business, and viewers won't be impressed by a messy backdrop, even if the work you do is great.