Choosing the Right PA System for Your Event

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Choosing the Right PA System for Your Event

26 March 2015
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A Public Address system has the basic components found in all sound reinforcement equipment. These are the pickup audio device, an amplifier for boosting transmitted signals as well as a loudspeaker which converts the signals to actual sound waves. When you are hosting an event, it is vital to choose the system that will meet your specific requirements. Here are some simple guidelines to help you make an ideal selection.


The power requirements of a PA system will depend on the type and venue of the specific event. You will find the equipment categorised in terms of wattage and the specific power of the attached amplifier. High power means that there will be more reinforcement for the audio signals, which is beneficial for large venues and audiences.

You should also evaluate the nature of the environment where the PA system will be used. For instance, sound reflections in an enclosed room increase the impact of the sound. Outdoor venues do not have this advantage, so the required wattage will have to increase even when the audience size is the same. In addition, it is more preferable to overestimate the power needs than to get a small system that will not meet your needs.

System's Purpose

Equipment should be evaluated in terms of the purpose and use during the event. PA systems intended for speech transmission only have basic designs and configuration, so you will need additional features if you plan to use the hired items for music. You will require equipment that can transmit a wider array of audio frequency signals. Music needs the low, middle and high ranges while speech will work perfectly with only the middle range. Moreover, speech will be transmitted clearly over a mono system, but music will sound richer, fuller and natural in stereo. If you are having a dynamic party, consider hiring a PA which is specially designed to handle all audio input. Such equipment will have a loudspeaker with a woofer, tweeter and horn for low, high and middle audio frequencies respectively.

Portability and Flexibility

Portability is an important aspect because it will mitigate the need to engage extra assistance for setup and disassembly. This is especially vital for extended period hire and for use in multiple venues. Compact cases as well as handles and wheels can significantly advance the ease of transfer. You should also consider the flexibility afforded in terms of power options and mobility of the presenter. It is advisable to hire a system with optional battery-powering and wireless or hands-free microphones.

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